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Agriturismo a Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

Tuscan Holidays Recipe by Fattoria Santa Maria

Take four farm-houses, born and grown in 80 hectares of rolling hills, divide them into seven large portions, restore and furnish them with care to conserve their Tuscan flavour. Add the proximity to the river, the sea and cities of renowned artistic attraction, and season with plenty of good taste. Pour on top enough olive oil and wine produced on the premises and serve with kindness and hospitality.
You’ll get a good place for weary bodies and lost souls to get together again.
The Farm Santa Maria in Montescudaio proposes a recipe for holidays for 2,4,6,8 people.

Invitation to "Il Palazzo"

If you happen to be passing on the road from Montescudaio to Guardistallo,
stop in at our place.
You’ll be able to taste our wines in the wine cellar and visit the ‘vinsanto room’ in the attic.
It may sound strange to have a place for wine in the attic,
but it’s the ideal place for vinsanto to mature in its first five years.
We’ll tell you the story in a place with its own magic, beside a panorama of extraordinary, breath-taking beauty.

Agriturismi: Fattoria Santa Maria, Montescudaio

Fattoria Santa Maria di D'Antilio Marco
Provinciale dei Tre Comuni, 131 - Loc. "Il Palazzo"
56040 Montescudaio (Pi)
Tel./FAX: +39 0586 650047 - Mobile: +39 340 365 90 40 - E-Mail:
P.IVA: 02178070500
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