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Agriturismo a Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

Agriturismo, Farm House and apartment in Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

My friend,
maybe you are in this istant
clasping your lady's hand.
or you behold all around the eyes,
like beacons, of you rchildren.
Or perchance
you are in the company
of a gathering of friends.
Treasure this good fortune
of joy shared:
drink a toast of Montescudaio,
white or red, as your wont,
take in the smiles, count not the chalices.
Should you be consumed by
your worst fear,
that of being alone,
may Montescudaio be a treasured
companion: those you cherish
most shall be recalled to your heart and mind.
But if you seek harmony
with yourself and others,
take a sip of Vin Santo and
you shall discover the perfume
of heaven.
Take angels and cherubs by the hand, they,
flitting upon your face
shall besprinkle you with serenity

Fattoria Santa Maria di D'Antilio Marco
Provinciale dei Tre Comuni, 131 - Loc. "Il Palazzo"
56040 Montescudaio (Pi)
Tel./FAX: +39 0586 650047 - Mobile: +39 340 365 90 40 - E-Mail:
P.IVA: 02178070500
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