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Agriturismo a Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

Agriturismo, Farm House and apartment in Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

Vin Santo Montescudaio D.O.C.

Region Tuscany.
Territory Hills surrounding Montescudaio.
Harvest Harvest is exclusively made by hand. The grapes are hand-picked in small crates.
Grape varieties Made with only the best Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes.
Vinification Individually hand picked for quality, the fruit is laid out on straw mats to dry in the best Tuscan tradition. The juice is then fermented and aged in hermetically sealed 200 litre kegs for five years.
Organoleptical characteristics Colour: straw yellow in colour with amber hues. Bouquet: intricate, heady bouquet typical of dried fruits, with a pleasing slightly bitter aftertaste. Taste: sweet with a wonderful softness, rounded and velvety.
Best served with Traditional tuscan dessert wine, delicious with cantuccini biscotti and dry cakes, or the more daring combination of truffle honey and piquant cheese.
Serving Temperature 20° – 22°, best if opened at least one hour before drinking.
Storage One to lay down for a long time if left in a cool, dark and moderately damp cellar. Once opened will last more than six months.

Fattoria Santa Maria di D'Antilio Marco
Provinciale dei Tre Comuni, 131 - Loc. "Il Palazzo"
56040 Montescudaio (Pi)
Tel./FAX: +39 0586 650047 - Mobile: +39 340 365 90 40 - E-Mail:
P.IVA: 02178070500
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