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Agriturismo a Montescudaio Fattoria Santa Maria

Fattoria Santa Maria

The D'Antilio family are small landowners who produce wine and have been living in and around Montescudaio since the end of the 18th century. More recently, Gianfranco D'Antilio bought several adjacent plots of land over a period of time in the 1960s when tenant farmers were abandoning the land in droves. He gradually enlarged the family's small farm, giving rise to the Fattoria Santa Maria from where he vigorously promoted and marketed the wines of Montescudaio and its land. He set up the Consortium and village festival, and with all the tireless determination of a pioneer he worked towards achieving international recognition of DOC wines.

Foto de "Il Palazzo" (anni '60)

Today, the 88 hectare Fattoria Santa Maria is run by Gianfranco's sons, Marco and Massimo. The farm covers the entire district of Montescudaio, stretching from the village to the River Cecina, about 10 km from the little town of Cecina.
DOC Montescudaio wines are produced on the estate's 12 hectare vineyard: a dry white and the fruitier and smoother "Tonfo de' Massi", and two reds, "il Gianfra", the estate's traditional and staple riserva and the superb barrel-aged "Macchiatagliata". But the jewel in the crown is the "Montescudaio Vinsanto". The grapes are left to dry on straw mats in the attic above the cellars (the vinsantaia) and this fine dessert wine is then stored there for a minimum of five years in oak kegs.

Foto de "Il Palazzo" (oggi)

The estate also produces extra virgin olive oil and cultivates cereal crops.
The farmhouses bought by Gianfranco have all been modernized and are lovingly maintained and furnished by his wife Lucia. Scattered amidst the farm, they nestle amongst vineyards, olive groves, sunflower fields and woodland. They accommodate 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 people and are available for rent as agriturismo farmhouse holiday cottages.

Marco, Lucia e Massimo D'Antilio (da sinistra a destra)

The History of our family has been told in a book "Oggetti e Anima, ritagli di una vita".

dalla Controcopertina:
”Sai, io non credo che siamo noi ad andare in cerca dei ricordi. Sono convinta che i ricordi, scorrendo e addipanando il filo d’Arianna degli oggetti, si mettano in cerca di te e cammina e cammina riescano alla fine a scovarti…e ti rientrino nell’anima”.
* * *
”Te l’ho già detto, Arianna cara, sono i ricordi a trovare te, non viceversa. Ma il filo che li lega è lungo e tenace e se cominci a riavvolgerlo potrai trovarti in mano chissà quali e quanti gomitoli per chissà quali e quanti ritagli di vita…”

“Oggetti e anima - Ritagli di una vita”
di Lucia D’Antilio Bacci
Editore: ETS
Data di Pubblicazione: 2006

Fattoria Santa Maria di D'Antilio Marco
Provinciale dei Tre Comuni, 131 - Loc. "Il Palazzo"
56040 Montescudaio (Pi)
Tel./FAX: +39 0586 650047 - Mobile: +39 340 365 90 40 - E-Mail:
P.IVA: 02178070500
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